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Whether you would like to get back into shape or work on your physical condition, our classes have everything to meet your expectations and are enough to challenge you so that you can meet your fitness goals.

Come with or without your baby to work in groups on medium to high-intensity circuit training, interval training, muscular growth and more.


TRX is an efficient training method proven scientifically by various independent studies.

The approach focuses on seven basic movements: plank, chest press, hip hinge, low row, half kneeling hip flexor stretch, squat and lunge.

TRX training helps you transform your body to achieve a healthy body weight.


Our most intense class for the energized mom!

Your abs undergo many transformations during pregnancy. After giving birth, it is good to target this area to start recovering your former body.

This is a high-intensity interval training class that focuses on abdominal recovery and muscular growth.


Here’s a class that will increase the intensity level of your workout while allowing you to keep your pace.

Circuit training targets several muscle groups in a short period while building your cardiovascular fitness.


Zumba® is all about exercising without constraints and combining high and low-intensity movements that help you stay fit and improve your figure all in good fun.

Feel the rhythm of Latin American and world music and see why so many people are choosing Zumba® as part of their workout.

Does it work? Yes. Is it fun? You bet it is!